Image by Kayla Beiler Photography

Raise Your Vibration

Pilates is a full body exercise system uniting the mind and body. Pilates helps to develop the body awareness and strength we need to find well- being in our everyday lives. Mat and standing work is a series of progressive exercises focusing on abdominal muscles, strength, and flexibility.

Raise YOUr Vibration


Raise vitality & flow from the inside out.


Pulling tools from 2 powerful modalities- 


Pilates & Reiki, this 8 week program 

has you build a foundation to strengthen 

your body from the inside out.  

We focus on body awareness, 


breathing, balancing, energizing and 


healing all levels of being. 


Mind body and soul. 


Learn to go within to release 


imbalances to find your calm.



$195 for 8 weeks. 



Please contact us to schedule your private one on one class.