Gina Marie Cook is the founder of Look inside. Look inside was a vision that was thought possible, and has now become reality. Gina Cook is a registered Reiki Master- Teacher, and a certified Pilates instructor.  Opening a wellness  studio with the intention to share the benefits of energy healing, and to inspire to heal within, is why Gina is passionate about her energy healing classes. Reiki will empower you, raise your vibration, unlock imbalances and make your visions a reality.  


Residing in West Vancouver, Gina is a mother of 3 daughters. She brings the same amount of devotion to raising her children into helping and inspiring others in her professional life. She is constantly on the path of self discovery and wellness. 

Image by Kayla Beiler Photography

Lil Nyhus

Empowered Intuitive, Coach, & Healer

Meet Lil Nyhus!


Lil's passion is empowering women to step into their power, and own their shift. 

Lil has coached many into vibrational alignment and has helped them connect with their authentic higher self awareness. 

Through the process she will guide you to release resistances that are in the way of your  passion, and will raise your vibration to become the creator and manifestor of your own life. 

Come discover your true calling and share your unique gifts to the world.

For one on one sessions, please call or email for an appointment.


T: 1.403.615.1226