I first had a treatment with Gina in the summer 2016 wanting to support other modalities I was receiving in alleviating the symptoms of PTSD I was experiencing.


Feeling immense pressure release from my head I left that first session feeling much better. Even before my first treatment I had thought about taking the first level of Reiki training. Fast forward to July 2018. I finally took the course which I really loved. I felt connected to Reiki immediately. Receiving a reiki session by Gina after my training inspired me and gave me greater insight. I now plan on taking the next level. 


Gina is calm and peaceful, very knowledgable and great at sharing it both verbally and with a variety of written material as well as of course hands on. She has a positive presence that instills itself in those around her.


Thanks for all your support.


Dannielle Canoa, Ecuador

Gina is an amazing Reiki practitioner and has a way of helping a person to release trapped energy, getting to a place of calm and relaxation relatively quickly. Gina offers many modalities for creating a healthy lifestyle and includes education around daily practice that we can incorporate in our lives to hold on to that balance. In today's busy world, this kind of resource is sooo appreciated!  Thank you Gina!

Loa Fridfinnson

Find Your Thrive

21 day healing/coaching journey

Find Your Thrive

21 day Healing/coaching Journey