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Find Your Thrive

21 day Healing/Coaching Journey

What to expect


transformation from the moment you sign up to the moment you complete.

In the 21 days, we will work together to go into your inner world & internal dialogue. We will start removing mental & emotional blocks, resistances, unwanted habits & cutting negative energy cords. We will do this with a variety of energy healing techniques, virtual coaching calls & practises given. We will work together virtually on your physical body & breath awareness, posture - releasing tension through stretching. 

Remember, we are energy & we are our own self healers. This will be an over all cleanse, your soul will replenish.

You will be connected to yourselfBe freed from yourself. You will thrive newly.

What is required of you


You are open, coachable, wanting to do the work, are excited and or uncomfortable with taking on your world.

My promise to you


I am a lighthearted, safe, honest, insightful & empowering space. Allowing you to expand, process & reflect. I will use my skills intuitively to fit all your individual needs.