Image by Kayla Beiler Photography


Gina, I am so proud of you and your accomplishment with the Look Inside Studio. I will be retiring at the end of this year, and I do so with confidence knowing all aspects of Reiki will be offered by wonderful practitioners and teachers like yourself.


I wish you continued success with your business and I love the idea of "community" you offer at your studio. 


The synergy created by experiencing more than one modality is powerful, and I hope your clients take advantage of the other "offerings" at Look Inside Studio.


Barb Weston, Reiki Master/Teacher, Inner focus Holistic Healing

I first had a treatment with Gina in the summer 2016 wanting to support other modalities I was receiving in alleviating the symptoms of PTSD I was experiencing.


Feeling immense pressure release from my head I left that first session feeling much better. Even before my first treatment I had thought about taking the first level of Reiki training. Fast forward to July 2018. I finally took the course which I really loved. I felt connected to Reiki immediately. Receiving a reiki session by Gina after my training inspired me and gave me greater insight. I now plan on taking the next level. 


Gina is calm and peaceful, very knowledgable and great at sharing it both verbally and with a variety of written material as well as of course hands on. She has a positive presence that instills itself in those around her.


The studio is easily accessible by car and bus and like Gina herself, offers a great vibe.  Occasionally there is noise from outside the studio as a possible distraction but the feeling of peace one gets overrides exterior noise.


Thanks for all your support.


Dannielle Canoa, Ecuador