I am Gina Marie Cook,  a passionate reiki master teacher / healer full of wisdom, knowledge, lightness, & empowerment.  

My soul clients will be attracted to who I am & will know if I am the right teacher for them.

My focus is on Reiki training all 4 levels of the Usui Reiki System  -  I work mostly with women. 

I have a lot to offer from my own practices & learnings. I understand the feeling of unsettledness when on the verge of a self-awakening.

I bring my teachings of energy healing, Tarot, Pilates, numerology, & empowerment coaching to light.

I use tools from all these styles to guide you on your journey. Within Reiki training you begin a journey of reconnecting to self & universal source.

You gain self awareness, self discovery, self healing, healing others & naturally purifying your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual body.  Are you looking to go within to heal?  Remove blockages that are in the way of happiness & freedom? Let's work together to melt the old you, and open the true you.


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