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Benefits of Energy Healing


Reiki (energy healing)  practice is a holistic approach known for helping heal all walks of life; adults, children & babies, the elderly and even pets. There are several health and wellness benefits you can experience with regular reiki sessions:


  1. Stress reduction and relaxation which triggers the immune system aiding in better sleep and improves and maintains good health.

  2. Offers help in relieving pain from ailments such as migraines, arthritis and sciatica. Comfort from symptoms of menopause, chronic fatigue, insomnia and asthma are also common.

  3. Speeds up healing after surgery and during rehabilitation. Treatments also decrease side-effects of medication and is commonly used after chemotherapy to reduce illness.

  4. Valuable tool in during the quest of spiritual growth bringing inner peace and harmony.

  5. Helps create balance in the mind and eases everyday anxiety. The mental shift enhances memory, mental clarity and the ability to learn.

  6. Supports relief during emotional distress and sorrow during times of grief. Cleaning and clearing emotions, reiki prevents them from becoming draining and enables you to see different perspectives.

  7. Treats immediate physical problems and mental illness while preventing them from further development.